• AAFP Credit Application Fees

    AAFP Credit System application review fees are nonrefundable or transferable. The review process begins after the review fee is paid in full. The review fee covers the review of a CME activity and does not guarantee the approval of a CME activity. Below are the application fees by activity type.

    Simple Pathway Application Fees

    Format Type Fee
    In-Person or Online Only, Live Single live activity up to 8.00 credits $325
    Single live activity - with 8.25 - 20.00 credits $435
    Single live activity - 20.25+ credits $495
    Knowledge Self-Assessment, Live Single live KSA Study Group $325
    Single Enduring Material, Self-Study  Single enduring material activity up to 5.00 credits $595
    Single enduring material activity between 5.25 and 20.00 credits $1,495
    Single enduring material activity 20.25+ credits $2,995
    Performance Improvement Performance Improvement activity $695
    Point of Care Point of Care activity $695

    Advanced Pathway Application Fees


    Format Type Fee
    In-Person or Online Only, Live Live series activity, such as an annual series or multi-site/date $625
    Knowledge Self-Assessment, Live Multi-site/multi-date KSA Study Group $625
    Single Live Activity with KSA Study Group Add-on Activity with 8.00 - 20.00 credits $435
    Activity with 20.25+ credits $495
    Enduring Material, Self-Study (series)/Medical Journal/Blended Learning Activity up to 5.00 credits $595
    Activity between 5.25 and 20.00 credits $1,495
    Activity 20.25+ credits $2,995

    Additional Options and Fees*

    Organizational Eligibility - $995
    ALSO/BLSO Organizational Eligibility - $195
    Repurposed Content - $325
    Data Entry - $395
    Standard Rush (3-5 business day review) - $695
    Same-Day Rush - $1,995
    Re-review - $125
    Translation to Practice® - $195
    Probation Fee Structure:
        - Probation Fee: $1,295
        - Physician Review Fee: $250 per credit hour

    *About Additional Options and Fees

    Repurposed Content
    A flat fee of $325 applies to each repurposed application.

    Data Entry Fee
    An additional $395 data entry fee is applied to the review fee for applications that are not submitted online. The data entry fee does not apply if you submit an application online.

    Rush Fees

    You have the option to rush your CME credit application and receive a review decision faster than the standard 15 business days. The Credit System reserves the right to determine whether the application qualifies for the rush option. A request for a rush may be denied if the reviewer has determined that additional information is required in order to finalize the review.

    The AAFP reserves the right to deny a rush request for any reason at any time. Rush review fees are in addition to the regular review fee.

    • Standard Rush: Standard rush reviews will be completed in 3-5 business days. The rush fee is $695.
    • Same-Day Rush: Same-day rush service is available for $1,995 and is subject to availability.

    Re-review of Applications

    A $125 re-review fee will be charged for all applications that are revised after the official AAFP CME credit determination letter has been sent to the CME provider.

    Re-review fee will be applied if:

    • The program content changes
    • The CME provider seeks to change the number of approved CME credits

    A re-review fee does not apply in the event of:

    • A change to the start or end date of the activity
    • Speaker or faculty changes

    You can request a rush at the time of application submission on the Final Submission page. If you have already paid for your application and would like to request a rush, please email us at cmecredit@aafp.org. For re-reviews, please email the Credit System at cmecredit@aafp.org


    Contact AAFP Credit System
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