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    New State Requirements Credit App Question

    The AAFP Credit System has added a new question to its credit applications to allow CME providers to capture when a CME activity meets topic-specific State Medical Board (SMB) requirements. This new question appears on credit applications created on or after Tuesday, March 21, 2023.

    If you intentionally designed your CME activity to meet state requirements, then you’ll select “yes” on this question in the credit application: “Does the educational content meet any state medical board mandated topic-specific requirement?” You’ll then choose the state medical board (e.g. CO) whose topic-specific requirements are met within your education. Following that, you’ll choose which topic requirement the activity addresses (e.g. pain management). Lastly, you’ll check an attestation box designating that your activity truly meets these requirements, and that you can provide evidence supporting that, if requested.

    If your CME activities are not designed to meet state requirements, then you’ll simply select “no” on this question in the application.

    Please note that this question will not appear in ALSO/BLSO credit applications.

    Questions about these changes? Don’t hesitate to call our team at 800-274-2237 or email us.

    Repurposed Content Option for Live Activities

    The AAFP Credit System has officially launched a solution for CME providers to repurpose all or some elements of an existing live educational activity into an enduring activity. This streamlined process allows CME providers to repurpose all, or some elements, of an existing live educational activity into an enduring activity for a flat fee of $325. This technological solution acts as a convenient alternative to the full fees and manual process previously required to submit activities as both live and enduring using two separate applications.

    For more information, check out the FAQs or watch the tutorial on how-to apply for repurposed content.