• Post-Submission Information

    The following information applies to CME providers who have applied for AAFP credit and/or received approval for AAFP credit.

    Application Status

    To check the status of an application:

    1.  Access the CME Provider Dashboard.
    2.  Locate the application number by sorting or using the “Search” box.
    3.  Click on the hyperlinked activity title to open the Activity Summary page.
    4.  The “Activity Status” box is located on the top right-hand side of the page.

    Please note that the standard turnaround time is 15 business days for the credit determination. Reviews can take longer if additional information is requested. 

    Requests for Additional Information

    At times, the AAFP Credit System needs additional information on credit applications in order to better understand the content or ensure that the content in question aligns with the AAFP Credit System’s eligibility requirements. These requests may focus on learning objectives, slide decks (a copy of the presentation), a session overview description, a connection to patient care, etc.

    Please know these requests are part of our standard process and do not indicate that content is not eligible for credit. As always, we strongly encourage the use of the eligibility requirements as a guide when creating CME. Additionally, the decision tree is a good resource if it is unclear whether an activity is eligible for CME credit through the AAFP Credit System.

    Credit Determination

    CME providers will receive an email with their credit determination letter once the review is complete.

    Activity Approvals: If a CME activity is approved, this letter will include the official credit statement which must be used as provided by the AAFP Credit System.

    Activity Denials: If a CME activity is denied, CME providers may not use the AAFP name, credit statements, seal, or logo(s) in association with their activity in any way. AAFP pending credit statement must be removed immediately following notification.

    Session Denials: If a lecture or topic is denied in the overarching activity, this will be noted in the credit determination letter under the credit statement.

    Advanced Pathway Only, Post-Activity Approval Sessions: Credit determination letters are only issued for the overall CME activity. This approval does not imply approval for any sessions added after official activity approval. The provider will not be notified via email of session approvals/denials after the official activity approval has been sent. The provider can view the credit determination of sessions added post-approval on the Activity Summary page associated with the credit application.

    Check out more information on the use of the credit statement and AAFP CME seal.


    After an activity receives official AAFP credit approval, "Save the Date" announcements and advertisements may indicate that the activity was approved for AAFP credit without using the full, official AAFP credit statement. View all credit statements.

    Marketing Opportunities

    • Market your AAFP approved CME activity for free on the Search All AAFP Certified CME page for more than 127,600 AAFP members to review. In a 2018 survey, 80% of members surveyed responded that this is the #1 search tool they use to find CME.
    • AFP Journal Advertising: To pay to advertise your AAFP approved CME activity in the journal American Family Physician, please contact publisher Darren Sextro at dsextro@aafp.org or (913) 906-6279. To be added to our list for marketing opportunities for your AAFP approved CME activities, please share your contact information here.
    • Satellite CME Symposium at the Family Medicine Experience (FMX): Access the online media kit to maximize your investment, increase brand visibility, and drive attendees to your event with these high-yield sponsorship and advertising opportunities.
    • AAFP Mailing List: You may purchase access to the AAFP member mailing lists for advertising purposes.

    Looking for other ways to engage with AAFP?

    Contact Strategic Engagements to find out about additional advertising opportunities. 

    Activity Changes and Re-Review

    Please notify AAFP Credit System staff if the following changes are made to the activity after it has been approved.

    • Change in the dates of the CME activity
    • Change in the CME credit amount
    • Change in the educational content*

    *A re-review of an application is necessary when changes to the educational content are made after the application is approved. There is a processing fee of $125 for each re-review.

    CME providers can change the following fields within the credit application at any time:

    • Location information
    • Marketing information

    The Credit System does not need to be notified of these changes.

    Credit Determination Appeals

    All CME providers have the option to appeal CME credit denials. An appeal must be made within 90 days from the date of the original credit determination email. The CME provider may submit up to 500 words of comment or information pertinent to the reason for the denial. Appeal correspondence should be uploaded via the “Send Additional Information” button located on the Activity Summary page of the relevant credit application. CME providers will receive an appeal determination within 30 business days from the date the appeal notification, and receipt of supporting appeal documents, is received.

    Final determination of AAFP credit rests with the Commission on Continuing Professional Development (COCPD). All appeal decisions are final.  

    Letters/Certificates of Participation

    CME providers are not required to distribute letters or certificates of participation to physicians who attend their activity. AAFP members may report their CME credit to the AAFP without documentation, either online or by phone. However, physicians and other learners may need letters/certificates of participation for state licensing, board certification and credentialing, so the AAFP encourages CME providers to provide a letter or certificate. The AAFP’s Tools for CME Providers include a certificate of participation template.

    AAFP members may report CME credits in the following ways:

    • Online
    • By phone: (800) 274-2237
    • By mail:

    American Academy of Family Physicians
    Attn: AAFP Member Resource Center
    11400 Tomahawk Creek Parkway
    Leawood, KS 66211

    Records Retention

    Retain all documentation associated with CME activity development, including records verifying learner participation, for a minimum of one year after the activity ends. It is recommended to retain evidence of learner participation for up to ten years in the event a learner is audited by a medical regulator. 


    Contact AAFP Credit System
    (800) 274-2237