• Conflict of Interest: Highest Area of Non-Compliance in AAFP Audits - and, How Do We Fix It? Webcast

    The AAFP Credit System’s eligibility requirements include the ACCME Standards for Commercial Support. Statistically, when the AAFP audits activities approved for AAFP CME credit, the highest areas of non-compliance revolve around conflict of interest (COI); specifically, with Standards 2 and 6. Don’t fret though as this webcast helps outline resources and tools to help avoid COI mishaps.

    Learning Objectives

    At the conclusion of the webcast, participants will be able to:

    • Recognize what encompasses Standards 2 and 6 of the ACCME Standards for Commercial Support and how to follow those standards with your CME activities.
    • Recall what is considered “non-compliant” when handling conflict of interest situations and how to avoid non-compliance in these areas.
    • Demonstrate more confidence in handling conflict of interest situations when creating CME activities.


    Jolene White
    AAFP Credit System Specialist


    Morgan Hosler
    AAFP Credit System & Compliance Senior Strategist