AAFP Credit System

CME Credit Application Process

Step 1: Review AAFP's Eligibility Requirements.

  • AAFP Prescribed credit: An activity is eligible for AAFP Prescribed credit when it is designed primarily for physicians to ensure the content is relevant to the specialty of family medicine. A family physicians who is an AAFP active or life member must be direcly involved in the development of the activity and attestation is required on the CME application.
  • AAFP Elective credit: The CME activity may be primarily designed for health care professionals other than physicians. Direct involvement of an AAFP active or life member in the planning of the activity is not required.

    Review our eligibility requirements.

Step 2: Submit an Application.

Use our pre-application worksheets to gather information for your online application.

1. Create a CME provider account.

  • Go to our online application tool.*
  • Enter at least one of the following: name of organization, organization ID number, or zip code.
  • A confirmation email will be sent to you. Please keep a copy for your files.

*Any CME provider unable to complete an online application may submit the appropriate pre-application worksheet as a paper application by mail, fax, or email. A $195 data entry fee is required for each application that is not submitted online.

2. Submit your application for CME credit.

Log in to your AAFP CME Provider Dashboard to complete your application. Once logged in, you will see your dashboard, which lists your incomplete applications, applications under AAFP review, and approved activities. Your session status is also available on your dashboard.

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CME Provider Login

View your CME Provider Dashboard

Begin your Application

Create a CME Provider Account

Payment Options

You can pay by check or credit card. After your activity content has been entered and submitted to the AAFP online, you can print invoices for unpaid applications and receipts for paid applications. View application review fees.

  • Online: Upon completion of the online application, select your desired payment option: check or credit card.
    • When paying by check, send the check and a copy of the pre-application worksheet, supporting materials, and invoice to the address below. The review process begins after full payment is received. 

American Academy of Family Physicians
Attn: CME Credit System
11400 Tomahawk Creek Parkway
Leawood, KS 66211

  • Applications that are not submitted online: Submit the completed application worksheet, supporting information, and review fee—including the additional $195 data entry fee—to the AAFP.

Need a Rush?

You have the option to rush your CME application and receive a review decision faster than the standard 20 business days. Rush reviews will be completed in 3-5 business days. The rush fee is $595; this is in addition to the standard review fee.

Same Day Rush Review is available for $1995.

Call the AAFP Member Resource Center at (800) 274-2237 to request a rush review.

After Your Application Has Been Received

Application Review

  • Standard application review takes 20 business days from the receipt of full payment. It will take longer if an application is submitted without all the required information.
  • You have the option to rush your CME application and receive a review decision faster than the standard 20 business days. Rush reviews will be completed in 3-5 business days. The rush fee is $595; this is in addition to the standard review fee. Note: AAFP reserves the right determine whether the application qualifies for the Rush option. Rush fees will be refunded if the application review cannot be expedited.

Use of Pending Credit Statement

After your application has been submitted and paid in full, you can refer to AAFP CME credit using the following statement:

"Application for CME credit has been filed with the American Academy of Family Physicians. Determination of credit is pending."

You will receive an official AAFP credit statement if your activity is approved for credit.

Credit Determination

Previous CME credit determination decisions do not influence current application reviews. This is in part because rules change and evolve over time, along with the CME environment. Prior CME credit approvals are not a guarantee that future applications or sessions will be approved.

You will be notified of CME credit approval/denial by email. Please retain a copy of the official AAFP CME credit determination letter for your files. You may log in to your AAFP CME Provider Dashboard to check an application’s status.


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