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AAFP Credit System Worksheets and Forms

Preparing to Apply for AAFP Credit

To assist you in collecting the information required to complete our online application process, pre-application worksheet for each activity type are available.

Applying for AAFP credit with this paper-based form will incur an additional data entry fee. Please refer to our Review Fees for a complete list of application fees.

AAFP Credit Pre-Application Worksheets

Live Activity Worksheet(6 page DOC)

Seeking AAFP credit for a live activity series? Refer to the live series online application guide(17 page PDF).

Enduring Material Activity Worksheet(5 page DOC)

Medical Journal Activity Worksheet(5 page DOC)

Performance Improvement in Practice Activity Worksheet(5 page DOC)

Point-of-Care Activity Worksheet(4 page DOC)

Blended Learning Activity Worksheet(9 page DOC)

Need help with the application? Refer to the blended learning application instructions(19 page PDF).


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