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Knowledge Self-Asessment FAQ

In the American Board of Family Medicine’s (ABFM) quarterly newsletter, The Phoenix(www.theabfm.org), the ABFM details changes to the Family Medicine Certification process (previously known as MC-FP). These changes included dividing ABFM Self-Assessment Modules, most commonly known as the “SAM,” into two separate activities: Knowledge Self-Assessment (KSA) and Clinical Self-Assessment (CSA).

Frequently Asked Questions


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What is a KSA?

KSA stands for Knowledge Self-Assessment and is comprised of 60 questions designed to assess knowledge in a particular domain.

What is a KSA Study Group?

Facilitated by expert faculty, learners come together to complete the Knowledge Self-Assessment by working through 60 core competency questions by assessing, reviewing, and deciding as a group the best answer. For more information on facilitating KSA Study Groups and becoming an ABFM-approved CME provider, please contact the ABFM directly at (888) 995-5700 or by emailing help@theabfm.org.

How do learners earn CME credit for their participation in a KSA Study Group?

Organizations approved by the ABFM to host KSA Study Groups may apply for live CME credit through the AAFP Credit System by submitting an application online. KSA Study Group activities must be future dated in order to submit an application for live CME credit. Upon approval, the AAFP Credit System awards eight (8) live AAFP Prescribed credits to KSA Study Group activities.

If your organization does not submit an application for live CME credit, participants who complete the KSA Study Group will earn eight (8) enduring AAFP Prescribed credits.

Which application option is appropriate for my KSA Study Group activity?

There are three application options available. After you begin a new application online, on Step 1 of 9: Activity Type, select the option next to “Live Activity: Knowledge Self-Assessment (KSA) Study Group.” After your selection, three additional options will display and you will select the appropriate option based on your activity offering:

  • A single KSA activity offered only once, in one location, and not part of a series
  • A single live activity in conjunction with a KSA Study Group activity
  • One KSA activity delivered at multiple locations or on multiple dates over a year

Additional information and resources are available here. As a reminder, KSA Study Group activities must be future dated in order to submit an application for live CME credit to the AAFP Credit System.

Who reports CME credit to the AAFP?

The ABFM will automatically transmit CME credits earned to the AAFP for each participant once all requirements have been satisfied through the ABFM.

Whom may we contact if we have further questions?

For any questions about submitting an application for CME credit, please contact the AAFP Credit System at cmecredit@aafp.org, or by phone at (800) 274-2237. For any questions on administering a KSA Study Group activity or submitting KSA Study Group data, please contact the ABFM directly at help@theabfm.org, or by phone at (888) 995-5700.