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Coming Spring/Summer 2020: New Credit Application


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CME providers have been asking for a streamlined credit application, a more easily navigated dashboard, and other system enhancements. The AAFP Credit System took that feedback to heart as we created a new and improved credit application. The new credit application, launching in spring/summer 2020, features:

  • A simple pathway, an advanced pathway, and an ALSO/BLSO pathway. 
  • The CME Provider Dashboard will have a similar layout but has been revamped to include a highly requested search box that will more easily allow providers to locate their applications.
  • The Activity Summary page has been upgraded as well and now features an estimated review by date, allows providers to more easily locate invoices, and edit certain fields, such as session location and marketing information, at any time.


Providers will start the application process by selecting one of three pathways based on their activity design. The pathway options, including definitions and examples, are listed below.

1.     Simple Pathway—Designed for a single activity occurring once over one or more consecutive days, but does not repeat content, and is continuous. Examples include:

a. Single live event (in-person or online) such as an annual conference or webinar

b. Single Knowledge Self-Assessment (KSA) activity

c. Single self-study course (online or print)

d. Performance Improvement activity

e. Point of Care activity

2.     Advanced Pathway—Designed for a pre-planned set of activities that cover various topics that relate to a unifying theme, or activities with repeated content (multi-site only). Examples include:

a. Series of live events such as grand rounds, series of webinars, or multi-site activity (including KSA multi-site/date activities)

b. Single live activity in conjunction with a KSA

c. Series of online courses (online or print) such as a series of webcasts

d. Blended Learning activity

e. Medical journals

3.     ALSO/BLSO Pathway—Designed for Basic and Advanced life support courses developed by the American Academy of Family Physicians and hosted by CME provider organizations. Examples include:

a. ALSO Provider Course

b.  ALSO Instructor Course

c.  BLSO Provider Course

In the meantime, CME providers should continue to submit credit applications as they do today through their CME Provider Dashboard and our online credit application.


Credit System staff know that change can be scary, so we want to try to remove some of the “unknown” and provide resources to help CME providers feel prepared and confident when switching to the new credit application in 2020. More resources will become available leading up to the launch of the new credit application.