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Upcoming Webinar: Changes to Credit Application - August 4

New Credit Application— Preparing for Transition: Addressing Key Changes and Questions on the New AAFP Credit Application

The AAFP Credit System will host a webinar on Tuesday, August 4, 2020, at 2 p.m. CT, to help CME providers prepare for our new system that’s launching August 17.

As a result of this live, interactive webinar, you will be able to:

  • Recognize the benefits and key changes of the new system.
  • Plan for system downtime and migration of incomplete or pending payment applications.
  • Respond to common questions of CME providers regarding the upcoming changes.

Submit Questions

Attendees do have the option to submit questions ahead of time to be addressed during the webinar on August 4. If interested, please email the question(s) you would like covered during the webinar to cmecredit@aafp.org by July 28. Please include the following in the subject line of your email: August 4 Webinar Question Submission. The presenters will address as many questions as possible during the webinar.

Additionally, this webinar is a follow up to the previous webinar, “AAFP’s New Credit Application – What You Need to Know” that was held on January 21. Watch webcast.

Questions About Producing Online Education

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused uncertainty about future CME activities, and many providers are now looking to produce online (in real-time) or enduring (recorded) education.

To help you navigate these uncharted times, the AAFP Credit System has compiled frequently asked questions about producing online education. View FAQs.

COVID-19 Resources for CME Providers

We're Here to Help

The AAFP Credit System is committed to supporting CME providers through the COVID-19 crisis.  

Activities Impacted by COVID-19:
If you’ve already submitted your credit application, we are offering the following options:

  1. Activities in a pending review status: the activity can be canceled and a full refund issued.  

  2. Activities in an approved status:
    - If your activity is being rescheduled, we can adjust the dates within the credit application.
    - If your activity has been postponed and the reschedule date is unknown, we can change the status to canceled and re-activate the application when new dates are selected. 

If you are converting your activity from Live to Enduring, we can convert your application to an Enduring Material without any additional fees. Note, the content must be the same. Available through June 30, 2020.

Reminder: Live Online is Still Considered Live 
Live online activities are considered live and are still eligible for CME credit under the Live activity format. This includes any live online activities that meet our eligibility requirements regardless of the technology used (Zoom, Webex, Google Hangouts, etc.).  

Contact Us
If changes are needed to your credit application, or you would like to discuss your options for an upcoming activity, please contact the AAFP Credit System team at 800-274-2237 or cmecredit@aafp.org

New Credit Application Coming in 2020

CME providers have been asking for a streamlined credit application, a more easily navigated dashboard, and other system enhancements through surveys and focus groups. The AAFP Credit System took that feedback to heart as it created a new and improved credit application. The new credit application will feature:

  • A simple pathway, an advanced pathway, and an ALSO/BLSO pathway. (Gone are the days of sorting through six plus activity and sub-activity types to try to figure out which application to complete.)
  • The CME Provider Dashboard will have a similar layout but has been revamped to include a highly requested search box that will more easily allow providers to locate their applications.
  • The Activity Summary page has been upgraded as well and now features an estimated review by date, allows providers to more easily locate invoices, and edit certain fields, such as session location and marketing information, at any time.

View list of new application benefits and other “need to know” details.(1 page PDF)

View additional resources about the new credit application.