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Contact the AAFP Credit System

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The following information applies to CME providers who have submitted an application for AAFP credit and/or received approval for AAFP credit.

Application Status

View the CME Provider Dashboard to check the status of your application.

You may publish the official AAFP credit statement after you have received the official CME credit determination letter from the AAFP.

The term of approval for annual series and multi-site applications is for one year from the activity’s start date.

You must update the application by logging in to your CME Provider Dashboard and entering the additional activity dates/sites. After 12 months, you must submit a new application to continue to offer AAFP credit.

AAFP CME Credit Statements and Seal

CME providers will receive an approval letter with the official credit statement from AAFP once their application for AAFP credit has been approved. The official credit statement must be used as provided by the AAFP Credit System.

CME providers whose CME activities have been vetted and approved by the AAFP Credit System are welcome to use the AAFP CME credit seal in connection with such activities and as specified herein. The seal serves as a visual sign that the activity has been approved by the AAFP Credit System. It may therefore signify to AAFP members and others that the educational activity is relevant to the scope of family medicine.

Providers may, but are not required to, use the seal in connection with their AAFP Credit System-approved activities (for example, in agendas, handouts, marketing materials, CME activity websites, etc., for such activities). The seal must appear exactly as set forth in the digital files below and must comply with the applicable AAFP brand guidelines(1 page PDF). The seal may not be modified and may not appear in colors other than its original colors or in black and white.

The AAFP CME credit seal may not be used prior to approval of the activity or while the credit application is pending review. Providers who use the seal (or any of the AAFP’s other marks) incorrectly or without authorization may be barred from further use and/or may potentially be barred from applying for AAFP CME credit in the future, as well as being subject to other applicable legal remedies.

Use of AAFP Logo

AAFP credit approval and/or use of the AAFP CME credit seal does not constitute permission to otherwise use the AAFP’s name, logo, trademarks or other intellectual property and does not indicate or imply endorsement, partnership, cooperation, or sponsorship by the AAFP.

Credit Determination Appeals

All CME providers have the option to appeal CME credit determinations. An appeal must be made within 90 days from the date of the credit determination letter. The CME provider may submit up to 500 words of comment or information pertinent to the reason for the denial. Appeal correspondence should be emailed to the Executive Committee of the Commission on Continuing Professional Development (COCPD), CME Credit Systems and Compliance Department at cmecredit@aafp.org. CME providers will receive an appeal determination within 30 business days from the date the appeal notification and supporting appeal documents are received.

Final approval of AAFP credit rests with the COCPD.


The AAFP is committed to ensuring that appropriate quality CME is available to the nation's family physicians. To ensure compliance with current CME regulations, the AAFP reserves the right to monitor any activity that has been awarded AAFP credit. In addition to investigating complaints and questionable applications, the AAFP randomly selects activity applications for routine educational audits. Review our audit checklist.


After an activity receives official AAFP credit approval, "Save the Date" announcements and advertisements may indicate that the activity was approved for AAFP credit without using the full, official AAFP credit statement. View all credit statements.

Advertising Opportunities

Looking for other ways to engage with AAFP?

Contact the Strategic Engagements division to find out about additional advertising opportunities

Activity Delivery

CME providers must conduct CME activities in a professional and businesslike manner.

The AAFP reserves the right to withhold CME credit if a CME provider's business practices interfere with the delivery of a quality CME learning experience or contradict the AAFP’s stance on a given procedure or practice.

Beyond failure to meet the eligibility criteria, reasons the AAFP may choose to withhold CME credit include, but are not limited to:

  • Portrayal of incorrect, inadequate, inappropriate, commercially biased, or incomplete clinical, scientific, medical/legal, or socioeconomic information.
  • Unethical distribution of material, such as offering the material as a prize or bonus for favors, inappropriate advertising that misrepresents or inaccurately portrays the material, or misrepresentation of the CME credit that may be acquired by using the materials.
  • Release of confidential information regarding any physician's participation in the activity or use of the material.

Activity Changes and Re-Review

Please notify AAFP Credit System staff if any changes are made to the activity.

Re-review of an application is necessary when the CME credits of an activity change. For example, an application would be re-reviewed if the program agenda changed after approval. Re-review fees are applied if the activity content changes and there will be a change in the number of approved CME credits. A re-review does not apply for simple requests for an update to the start or end date of an activity, speaker or faculty changes, or dates that are added to the activity.

There is a processing fee of $125 for re-review of any CME application by the AAFP after you receive official credit approval.

Certificates of Participation

CME providers are not required to distribute certificates of participation to physicians who attend their activity. AAFP members may report their CME credit to the AAFP without documentation, either online or by phone. However, physicians may need certificates of participation for state licensing and credentialing, so the AAFP encourages CME providers to provide a certificate. The AAFP’s online Tools for CME Developer include a certificate of participation template.

AAFP members may report CME credits in the following ways:

  • Online
  • By phone: (800) 274-2237
  • By mail:

American Academy of Family Physicians
Attn: AAFP Member Resource Center
11400 Tomahawk Creek Parkway
Leawood, KS 66211

Records Retention

Retain all documentation associated with CME activity development, including records verifying physician participation, for at least one year.