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By providing access to a variety of CME development tools and references, the AAFP shows its commitment to helping members, educators, and CME providers as they develop CME activities for family physicians in accordance with Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) and AAFP guidelines.

Documentation and Policy Requirements

CME providers applying for AAFP credit must comply with the (ACCME) Standards for Commercial Support(www.accme.org). The activity director must attest on the CME application that the CME activity meets all requirements of the Standards, whether the activity is being supported with commercial funding or not. All parties involved should have an understanding of these Standards.

Every CME provider must have the following policies/procedures in place:

  1. Policy and procedure for full disclosure
  2. Policy and procedure for identification and resolution of conflicts of interest
  3. Policy on honoraria


Other documents the CME provider must have on file include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Signed letter of agreement from each commercial supporter, if activity was commercially funded
  2. Signed full disclosure form from anyone who can control the content of the CME activity (e.g., faculty member, planner, author, editor, reviewer)
  3. CME activity evaluation and/or assessment results


The CME provider should retain all documentation associated with the development of the CME activity should be retained for one year.

Decision Tree for CME Credit Applications

Credit System and Compliance staff review all applications submitted for AAFP CME credit in accordance with the AAFP Credit System’s Eligibility Requirements.

The Decision Tree(1 page PDF) was created as a convenient tool for CME Provider Organizations that provides a pathway to understand how staff come to credit determination decisions. CME Provider Organizations are encouraged to use this tool if there is uncertainty about whether a topic is eligible for AAFP CME credit.

AAFP CME Credit Reporting Sheet for CME Providers

The AAFP Credit System understands that some CME providers want to assist in reporting learners CME credit to AAFP on the behalf of their learners as a benefit.

The AAFP CME Credit Reporting Sheet(29 KB XLSX) was created as a convenient tool for CME Providers whose CME activities have been certified for AAFP CME credit, so that they can report their learner’s AAFP CME credits on their behalf. Once downloaded, this tool can be utilized by filling in the appropriate learner data and then emailing it as an attachment to the email address listed within the tool. The AAFP Member Resource Center will then verify the education and log the CME credits into the member’s transcript on your behalf.


Sample forms for use by CME providers include CME credit certificates, activity evaluation forms, and policies on honoraria for and disclosure of conflict of interest by CME faculty.

CME Certificate of Participation Template(1 page DOC)

This template may be used to create a certificate for physicians attending your CME activity.

Educational Grants Letter(3 page PDF)

CME providers may use this letter to explain to potential funders the AAFP's role as a credit system.

Educational Plan Template(4 page DOCX)

CME providers can use this template when intentionally designing educational content for AAFP CME credit.

Evaluation Form(2 page DOC)

This sample form is available as a guideline to be used when constructing your CME activity evaluation to be completed by participants.

Full Disclosure and Identification and Resolution of Conflicts of Interest - Sample Document(4 page PDF)

This template should be edited to align with the CME provider’s own policy and procedures. AAFP encourages CME providers to meet with their own education committee and/or advisory board when creating their policy and procedures.

Translation to Practice® (t2p™) Commitment to Change Statement - Sample Document(1 page DOC)

A customizable form for CME Providers to distribute to learners. Formatting, style, and question content may be altered to fit the needs of each individual provider.

Translation to Practice® (t2p™) Post-Activity Response Evaluation - Sample Document(1 page DOC)

A customizable form for CME Providers to distribute to learners. Formatting, style, and question content may be altered to fit the needs of each individual provider.