Family Medicine Certification CME


Prepare How, When, and Where You Want

The Family Medicine Board Review Self-Study Package features 48 30-45 minute sessions, interactive learning, webcasts, practice test, and online learning community where you can pose tough questions to faculty.

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AAFP CME is designed to help you meet the ABFM's Family Medicine Certification (formerly MC-FP) requirements when and how it works for you. With the very best in live courses, self-study products, and online learning, you can earn the CME you need on your schedule with the AAFP. 

Physicians participate in self-assessment module workshop

Self-Assessment Activities

Knowledge Self-Assessment (KSA) Working Groups

Led by expert KSA faculty, experience hands-on learning as you discuss 60 core competency questions and answers with your peers. Choose from a variety of clinical topics. Dates and locations vary.

Lifelong Learning

Learn what you want, how you want, when you want with AAFP CME.

Attendees take notes at Board review lecture


AAFP Family Medicine Board Review Express® Live Course

Stay current with family medicine guidelines and get everything you need to pass your Boards in three and half days.

AAFP Family Medicine Board Review Self-Study Package

Stay current and get everything you need to pass the ABFM exam. Choose from different formats that meet your needs.

Longitudinal Assessment Self-Study Package

Prepare for long-term success with your all-in-one FMCLA companion.

Physician and team prepare to evaluate practice results

Performance Improvement

A Performance Improvement Solution

Integrate evidence-based medicine, performance measures, and improvement strategies through this online program, designed to fulfill ABFM's Performance Improvement Activities. Topics include asthma and hypertension.


Meet all of your ABFM Knowledge Self-Assessment, Performance Improvement, and more through either a live, multifaceted educational experience or online modules focused on Cardiometabolic Conditions.