• ALSO®  & BLSO Latest Announcements

    The BLSO Curriculum – 3rd edition launched on May 28, 2024, and is available to sponsors with Live courses dated June 12, 2024 or later!

    The Online portion has been enhanced to include videos, lectures, and gaming elements.

    The Live portion allows participation in skills workstations, case study reviews, and group testing. Course materials have all been updated to correspond with the new edition, as well. Sponsors should not use course materials documents from past courses.

    BLSO 3rd Edition offers Elective credit for both the Online and Live courses.

    We are excited to announce the launch of the ALSO Curriculum -
    The ALSO Curriculum - 10th edition launched on November 28, 2023.!

    The updated curriculum has been applied to the following courses:

    • ALSO Course (available for Live course dates 12/14/2023 or later)
    • ALSO Instructor Course (available for Live course dates 12/14/2023 or later)
    • *ALSO Instructor Renewal Course (available to Approved Instructors on 11/28/2023)

    Reminder that all courses require the Learner to ‘Claim Credit’ at the end of their online course, to generate the credit, letter of participation and wallet card (if applicable) to their AAFP Accounts.

    The 10th edition Course Materials Webpage
    All of the Teaching and Administrative documents on the Course Materials webpage have also been updated. Therefore, it is important to use only the documents currently found on the revised Course Materials webpage, for each course. Do not use Course Materials documents you have saved from past courses.

    *Online Instructor Renewal Course – 10th edition
    The ALSO Online Instructor Renewal Course is accessible only to Approved Instructors. Therefore, course access lives on the Instructor Online Community webpage. AAFP log-in is needed to access. Completion of this course is a status requirement for Approved Instructors.

    Learners with 9th edition Courses in Their Account
    Learners who have previously purchased an Online Course-9th ed will continue to have access to that course in their AAFP Account until December 13, 2023. These Learners may download any components they wish before their attendance at a future, 10th edition course to renew their ALSO Status.

    Naming Change as of November 28, 2023
    ALSO Provider Course will be referred to as the ALSO Course. Likewise, the ALSO Provider Status will be referred to as ALSO Status in most verbal and written communications. Sponsors may still see reference to the ALSO Provider status on the Course Dashboards. This is to differentiate from ALSO Approved Instructor Status for course planning purposes.


    AAFP Women’s Health Team (ALSO/BLSO)
    Email also@aafp.org
    (800) 274-2237, ext. 7506


    AAFP Women’s Health Team (ALSO/BLSO)
    Email also@aafp.org
    (800) 274-2237, ext. 7506