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    Launch of 9th Edition ALSO Courses

    We are excited to announce that the following courses launched with new content on 11/18/2020:

    • ALSO Online Provider Course – 9th Edition
    • ALSO Online Instructor Course – 9th Edition
    • ALSO Online Instructor Renewal Course – 9th Edition

    The 8th edition of the courses listed above is no longer available to purchase.

    Course Materials have also been updated. Therefore, it is very important to review the new Guidelines document and use only the forms on the Course Materials webpage (provided in each course approval email) – not forms or documents you have saved from the past.

    Any Learner who completed the 8th edition of the ALSO Online Provider or Instructor Course and was unable to attend their scheduled live course will need to register for a new course and will complete the 9th Edition online course prior to attending the live course.

    Pricing Updates
    The ALSO team is committed to clinical excellence. In an effort to provide the best education and support, we have implemented a small price increase. Learn more about the pricing update.

    COVID-19 Response for ALSO/BLSO Courses

    If you are considering rescheduling your upcoming ALSO or BLSO Course we are here to help. The rescheduling guidelines include how to change your course date, what to do if the rescheduled date has not yet been determined, invoicing information, what to do with manikin rental orders, and more. View rescheduling guidelines.

    Exciting Changes to ALSO/BLSO Application Process

    CME Applications have been streamlined and there is a special ALSO/BLSO path with only a few fields to complete. In addition, sponsors may now access their own course via the CME dashboard to change Coordinator and Course Director, location, and option to include their course on the AAFP website, at any time after submitting the application.

    Status Changes

    As of June 1, 2019, the following 3-year status changes were implemented:


    • If you completed a Provider Course on or after June 1, 2019, you have a 3-year status.
    • If you currently have a 2-year status, it’s been extended to a 3-year status.
    • If you currently have a 5-year status, your expiration date will not change and you will transition to a 3-year status upon completion of your next Provider Course.
    • In April 2020, a COVID-19 expiration extension was implemented. All ALSO statuses expiring in 2020 were extended to 2021.