• Attend an ALSO® Course

    The ALSO Course encourages team-based learning amongst physicians, residents, nurse midwives, registered nurses, and other members of the pregnancy care team in order to improve patient safety and positively impact pregnancy outcomes.

    The ALSO Instructor Course is designed to teach individuals who have successfully passed the ALSO Course, earning their ALSO Status, the skills and knowledge needed to effectively facilitate lectures and workstations at an ALSO Course.

    Search for ALSO Courses on our AAFP CME Search webpage.

    Search for ALSO Instructor Courses on our AAFP CME Search webpage.

    After finding a course to attend, you may inquire with the course sponsor by emailing the contact listed for that course. If you do not find a course that interests you, please bookmark the CME Search webpage and check back often, as it is updated as ALSO courses are approved.

    If a learner cannot attend their scheduled Live course, they may register for a future Live course, maintaining their Online Course progress/completion in their AAFP Account.  This change may be subject to additional fees for the future course.


    AAFP Woman’s Health Team (ALSO/BLSO)
    Email: also@aafp.org
    (800) 274-2237