• Access Your Wallet Card and Letter of Participation

    Your Letters of Participation and Wallet Card are both found by logging into your AAFP Member Transcript or your Non-AAFP Member Account.
    Select Transcript Options (if necessary) to change the start and end dates of the years you would like to view.

    AAFP Member Transcript: https://aafp.org/mycme

    Non-AAFP Member Account: https://aafp.org/cmecertificate (View Letters of Participation)

    Providers: The Letters and Wallet Cards are listed in date order. The Online Course Letter will be listed under the date you completed it and the Live Course Letter and Wallet Card will be listed under the date you attended your Live course.

    Instructors: You will find your wallet card next to the course date in which you last instructed. In addition to finding your wallet card in your transcript you may also track your teaching requirements by finding the entries that read ALSO Teaching: ALSO Provider Course, ALSO Instructor Course or BLSO Provider Course. Look for these instances with dates between your current 3-year status start date and expiration date to determine if you have met your teaching requirement.