• ALSO® Course Dashboard Questions & Troubleshooting

    All issues must be resolved prior to submitting a course dashboard to the AAFP.

    What is the course dashboard and who has access to it?

    Only the ALSO course director and coordinator listed on the continuing medical education (CME) application may access the course dashboard.

    The dashboard records all course activity. As your learners access the ALSO Online Course with your unique course URL, their names will appear on your dashboard with their course pre-work showing as ‘Incomplete.’ Once they complete the online course and claim credit, their course pre-work will show as ‘Completed.’

    Leading up to the date of the live course, it is the sponsor’s responsibility to contact registrants who have not appeared on the dashboard and those whose course pre-work shows as ‘Incomplete.’ The sponsor is expected to contact these individuals as many times as necessary until all registrants are listed and have completed their course pre-work. Learners whose course pre-work does not show as ‘Completed’ have not met the requirements to attend the live course. 

    The following actions must be done on the course dashboard:

    • After a live course, the sponsor must be sure to select an occupation and Pass, Fail, or No-show for all learners. Learners who do not attend the live course will still be included on your online access invoice because they have accessed the ALSO Online Course.
    • Obtain AAFP ID numbers from the course faculty. Add all instructors (approved or nonapproved), the course director, and advisory faculty (if applicable) by entering their AAFP ID numbers in the Instructors section of the dashboard.
    • Check the box for ‘Recommend Advisory Faculty’ or ‘Recommend Approved Instructor’ ONLY if an individual was a candidate and was observed by a current advisory faculty member at your ALSO course.
    • Upload the two-page course roster with signatures of every learner and instructor. This is the only document that needs to be uploaded and submitted to the AAFP.

    How can I access my course dashboard?

    You will find an ‘Access Dashboard’ link on your Course Materials webpage and at aafp.org/also

    Why do I get an error message when I try to access the course dashboard?

    Only the ALSO course director and coordinator listed on the CME application may access the course dashboard. If you are the course director or coordinator, try the following:

    • Be sure you are using the same ID number that is listed on the CME application.
    • Try a different web browser. Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox is recommended.
    • Instead of clicking on the link for your dashboard, copy the URL and paste it into the browser.

    Please email also@aafp.org if you are still not able to access your course dashboard.

    How should we upload our course roster?

    The course roster is now two pages (worksheets): a learner information form and an instructor information form. You may either upload the entire Excel document or scan and upload each page as a separate PDF.

    In the Instructors section of the dashboard, why would an instructor’s status appear blank or indicate ‘Provider’ rather than ‘Approved Instructor’?

    • Their ALSO Approved Instructor status may have expired. They can check their expiration date by accessing the wallet card in their AAFP account.
    • If they have a duplicate AAFP account, they may have provided the incorrect AAFP ID number. They should be using their AAFP Member ID number, if they have one.
    • The sponsor of the ALSO course in which they were observed as an instructor candidate may not have selected ‘Recommend Approved Instructor’ prior to submitting the course dashboard.

    Please email also@aafp.org if you need assistance resolving this issue.

    Why can’t we select Pass, Fail, or No-show for the learners on our course dashboard?

    Prior to selecting Pass, Fail, or No-show for learners in your ALSO course, you must select an occupation from the drop-down menu for each learner. Also, please note that No-show will automatically be selected for all learners whose course pre-work shows as ‘Incomplete.’

    Why is one of our learners not listed on the course dashboard, even after providing proof of completion for the ALSO Online Course?

    The learner most likely accessed the online course using a different course URL. Please email also@aafp.org for assistance resolving this issue.

    Why does the course pre-work for one of our learners show as ‘Incomplete’ if they completed the entire ALSO Online Course?

    The learner most likely did not claim credit at the end of the ALSO Online Course. Please have the learner go to the course through their AAFP account and claim credit. 

    What should we do about duplicate names on our course dashboard?

    The AAFP’s Member Resource Center removes duplicate names prior to sending an invoice to the course sponsor. If you have further questions regarding your invoice, please contact the Member Resource Center at aafp@aafp.org or (800) 274-2237.


    ALSO Department (dashboard and status inquiries)
    Email also@aafp.org
    (800) 274-2237, ext. 7506
    (For efficiency, please do not contact individual staff.)

    Member Resource Center (orders, invoice, AAFP ID assistance)
    (800) 274-2237
    Email aafp@aafp.org