Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics

Hold an ALSO® One-Day Provider Course

A new one-day blended classroom course format is available for Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics (ALSO). This newly evolved course is an evidence-based interprofessional training program that prepares members of the entire maternity care team to better manage obstetric emergencies through standardized approaches to care. This comprehensive course encourages team-based learning amongst physicians, residents, nurse midwives, and registered nurses in order to improve patient safety and positively impact maternal outcomes.

Learners will successfully complete required online course elements at their own pace prior to attending the one day live portion of the course. The live portion of the course then provides multiple hands-on opportunities for learners to practice their skills and apply what they have learned. This is accomplished by rotating learners through interactive group case study workstations, in situ skills workstations, and simulated hands-on group testing scenarios throughout the day. Upon successful completion of this course, learners will be awarded ALSO provider status for the period of two years.

Need Mannequins?

Not every program has access to obstetric teaching mannequins, that's why ALSO offers an affordable rental program. Contact us for more information.

Apply to hold a course in just four simple steps:


Step 1

This document provides a comprehensive description of the process, responsibilities, and the standards which must be upheld when planning and implementing an ALSO® course.


Step 2

Applicants will be asked to upload this completed document during the CME credit application process.


Step 4

ALSO staff will guide applicants through the rest! After the application is reviewed and all course requirements have been met, a course approval email will be generated with additional information and instructions.

Still Have Questions?

Or contact us at or 1-800-274-2237, ext. 8722

Still Have Questions?

Or contact us at or 1-800-274-2237, ext. 8722