Basic Life Support in Obstetrics

Five Simple Steps to Sponsor a BLSOSM Course

Submit a BLSO Course Request

Complete and return the form to sponsor a course.

STEP 1: Complete and Submit the BLSO Course Request Form(2 page DOC)

When you submit your request form, AAFP staff will verify that your course faculty meets all of the BLSO requirements. Your course coordinator and course director will receive approval of the course and additional instructions from the AAFP by email. This email will include the online pre-course exam link, BLSO Product Order Form and Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) as attachments. Sign the MOA and return it to the AAFP BLSO staff.

Step 2: Complete and Submit an Online Application from AAFP CME Credit

After your course request has been approved, you will be eligible to apply for CME credit for your BLSO Provider Course. There is no application fee for BLSO courses. Approval can take up to fours weeks, and it must be obtained prior to the date of the course. 

(Important tip: The online CME credit application process for a BLSO Provider Course has been streamlined for your convenience. For instance, in the "Activity type" field on the CME credit application, selecting "Basic Life Support in Obstetrics" will automatically populate many fields.)

You will receive notification of CME credit approval from AAFP CME Credit Systems by email. The notification will include an official credit statement that indicates the number of approved credits for your BLSO course.

Step 3: Complete and Submit the BLSO Product Order Form

The AAFP Member Resource Center will fulfill orders within two days of recieving the BLSO Product Order Form. Allow 5-7 days for shipping. Plan the timing of your order so that you can distribute a BLSO syllabus to each participant at least one month prior to the date of your course.

Step 4: Email the Pre-Course Exam Link to All Registrants

Using the text provided in your course approval email, send all registrants the link to the pre-course exam. As a prerequisite for attending a BLSO Provider Course, registrants are required to score at least 80% and provide the exam summary page to the sponsor.

Step 5: Complete the BLSO Participant and Faculty Form Following Your Course

Include your CME application number on the form when submitting to the AAFP BLSO staff. Within four weeks of submitting these forms, you will receive course completion certificates for all participants and wallet cards for those who passed the course. AAFP staff will add CME credit for the BLSO Provider Course to participants' and faculty members' records. No self-reporting of CME credit is necessary.

Tools for Planning Your Course

Find step-by-step instructions, templates, forms and tools to help you plan a successful BLSO course.

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