A Performance Improvement Activities Solution

    METRIC integrates performance measures and improvement strategies in an online activity to:

    • Evaluate and strengthen practice functions and systems
    • Improve performance and patient care outcomes
    • Build the patient-centered medical home
    • Create real practice applications

    METRIC is designed to simplify certification requirements, is applicable to a variety of practice settings, and follows the AMA’s nationally standardized Performance Improvement CME format.

    How to Use METRIC

    Family Physicians: As a quality improvement strategy tool to meet the Performance Improvement Activities requirement, to improve patient outcomes, and earn 20 AAFP Prescribed credits.

    Residency Programs: To track residents’ progress and show residents their immediate improvement in practice. Residents can complete modules individually or as a group.

    Enroll in METRIC

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    Asthma accounts for more than 10.5 million office visits each year. Identify changes to improve the lives of your asthma patients and your practice.

    Up to one-third of your adult patients may be experiencing hypertension. Identify changes that can improve the lives of your patients and your practice through this module. Now updated to align with JNC-8 guidelines.

    Successful, Process-Oriented Improvement

    Follow the METRIC step-by-step process to complete the work online, and at your own pace.


    Assess and Learn from Current Practice

    • Complete an initial practice assessment to determine a baseline.
    • Enter data from patient charts (10-15, depending on module).
    • Assess personal performance and compare result to peers.


    Apply Performance Improvement
    to Patient Care

    • Apply the selected intervention(s).
    • Use provided resources to develop your action plan.
    • Implement your plan for at least one month, using METRIC implementation tools and resources.


    Evaluate the Performance
    Improvement Effort

    • Complete the follow-up assessment to measure improvement.
    • Enter data from patient charts (10-15, depending on module).
    • Compare your results to your baseline measurements.

    Support for the Process

    Get step-by-step guidance to help you complete the METRIC module you've purchased. Access the METRIC User Guide.


    Contact METRIC Staff
    (800) 274-2237

    You may also view the FAQs about METRIC.

    "METRIC has made a big difference for our practice. We look forward to seeing the long-term results."

    — Angela Barnett, MD