• METRIC® User Guide

    Guidance and Tips for Completing Purchased Modules


    The METRIC Performance Improvement Activity program will be eliminated on December 31, 2022. All modules, and the data, will be inaccessible after this date.

    The last day to register for any METRIC modules will be September 26, 2022, so that modules can be completed by December 31, 2022. 

    View the FAQs for more details. You may also contact the AAFP at (800) 274-2237 or email metric@aafp.org.

    Welcome to METRIC! Now that you've selected your METRIC module, you are ready to begin your performance improvement project.

    Throughout your project, you may find it helpful to consult these common questions and answers for each step of the process. Additional video and reference resources are also provided to help you complete your module easily and successfully.

    Before You Begin

    System and Information Requirements

    • METRIC is compatible with both PC and Mac desktop computers. Using mobile devices (tablets, smartphones) to access the METRIC online tool is not recommended.
    • METRIC's online tool is compatible with the latest version of most web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.
    • Please disable your pop-up blocker when accessing METRIC content. Check the security settings on your computer to enable pop-ups from this website.

    EHR Compatibility

    At this time, it is not possible to electronically upload or download data between METRIC and an EHR.


    An email address is required for each participant in the METRIC activity.

    Participating as a Group

    Multi-physician practices, residency programs, and AAFP Chapters may register for METRIC as a group to improve patient care, concentrating on a single quality improvement intervention. Each physician who desires to receive CME credit for this activity must enroll in and complete the METRIC program.

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    Assess and Learn from Current Practice

    Q: A collection of 10 charts is not a statistically representative sample of my practice.
    How will that impact my results?

    A: METRIC is designed to focus on improving processes rather than imposing strict research study guidelines. Reviewing 10-15 charts provides a sufficient snapshot of your practice and will indicate areas of strength and opportunities for improvement that may be applied to your practice as a whole.


    Apply Performance Improvement to Patient Care

    Q: How long must my Action Plan be implemented?

    A: An Action Plan must be implemented for a minimum of one month. It is strongly recommended that you create an overall project plan for your METRIC activity, and set a target completion date in advance that is appropriate to your specific Action Plan.

    Q: When will I know that my implementation period is complete?

    A: Only you and your team know when your Implementation work has been completed. Your METRIC module will remain available to begin your reassessment whenever you are ready. Once your 30-day implementation period is complete, you will receive an email from the AAFP requesting you to log in. At this point, the "Next Step" button will be active.


    Evaluate the Performance Improvement Effort

    Q: How will I know when it is time to return to the online METRIC module for my reassessment phase?

    A: Your reassessment date will be provided at the end of your Action Plan submission. The online METRIC module will send participants an email reminder prior to the reassessment task. It is also recommended that you mark this reassessment date on your personal calendar as a checkpoint for your project.

    Q: When conducting my reassessment, is it required to use the same 10-15 patient charts used to create my baseline in Stage A?

    A: No. Use of the same 10-15 patient charts is not required in order to complete your reassessment chart review. The key factor in selecting charts for reassessment is to utilize charts from patients seen after implementing your Action Plan.

    Completing METRIC

    Q: How will the ABFM know that I have fulfilled the Performance Improvement Activities requirement?

    A: When the final step of Stage C has been completed in the online METRIC tool, you must complete the seven evaluation questions in order to have your 20 CME credits applied. Your completion record will be electronically transmitted to the ABFM within one week of completion. If you believe there has been an issue with the transferal of your completion record beyond this time period, please contact us.


    Contact METRIC Staff
    (800) 274-2237

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