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The FP Essentials/FP Audio (FPE/FPA) app brings CME content to your smartphone or tablet, so you can read the latest FP Essentials and/or FP Audio edition (or review past editions) and complete CME quizzes on the go. 

App Features

Subscribers to FP Essentials and FP Audio can access and utilize this valuable, monthly family medicine resource on the go.

Through the app, subcribers* can:

  • Read FP Essentials and/or the FP Audio booklet on your mobile device.
  • Listen to individual segments of FP Audio at your convenience.
  • Annotate printed content using text, highlight, and mark-up tools to note key information.
  • Print or email an annotated PDF for your personal archive.
  • Favorite editions for quick, easy reference.
  • Access the quiz required for CME credit.

*Subscription or single edition purchase required for content access. FP Essentials + FP Audio Combined Subscription provides full capabilities, as listed above.

Get the App

The FPE/FPA app is available inside the free AAFP app.

Follow these steps to begin:

STEP 1: Install the free AAFP app appropriate for your device.

STEP 2: Open the AAFP app on your device. Select the FPE/FPA icon. Log in using your seven-digit AAFP ID (or subscriber number) and your password. 


Using the App

View inside the FP Essentials - FP Audio app

App library view.

Once you have logged in to your AAFP account through the AAFP app, all purchased FP Essentials and/or FP Audio content should be available for you to view in the app, back to the date of your purchase or subscription.

One free edition of FP Essentials and one free edition of FP Audio have been made available to all users of the app. Editions verified as purchased by your account appear in color on the app home page. Available but not-purchased editions appear in gray.

An Internet connection is required to open FP Essentials and FP Audio content in the app.

New Subscribers

Access to FP Essentials and FP Audio content via the app will be available to new, monthly subscribers at the publication date of the next edition, published on or near the 15th of each month. New subscribers will receive an email notification of their app content access.

Current/Renewing Subscribers

Up to 24 consecutive months of FP Essentials and FP Audio content may be viewed through the app by those with a two-year (renewed) subscription.

Purchasers of Single Editions

Single editions purchased through our website should be immediately accessible through the app.

Annotate, Take a Quiz, and More

Editions of FP Essentials and FP Audio are available in the app for the duration of each edition's accreditation, a maximum of two years from the date of publication.

Annotations and favorites are saved to the device on which they were made and will not be visible when using the FPE/FPA app on another device.

Easliy access the CME quiz for each edition from the applet.

Convenient quiz access.

Access the CME quiz for each edition from the app via the quiz link located to the right on the bottom menu bar.

Print editions, including annotations, by selecting the arrow-up icon at the bottom right of the page. To use the email option, check your device settings to ensure that an email account has been affiliated with your mobile device.

Mark editions as favorites by selecting the star icon at the bottom of the screen. Quickly access starred favorites from the "Saved Articles" section on the main library screen.


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Take a CME Quiz

Required for CME credit.

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FP Essentials

Subscribe to receive in-print and online access to 12 months of peer-reviewed, ad-free monographs on topics relevant to family medicine. Eligible for up to 60 CME credits.

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FP Audio booklet and CD

FP Audio™

One hour of content, including a clinical topic discussion, journal notes, back to basics, and an editor's Q&A. Earn up to 24 CME credits with a yearly subscription. Includes in-print/CD and online access.

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FP Essentials + FP Audio
Earn up to a total of 84 CME credits through family medince-focused CME delivered to you each month.

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Take a CME Quiz

Required for CME credit.

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