• FP Essentials App FAQs

    I can see the editions I've purchased on my app library page, but I am unable to open the content. How can I access the material?

    An internet connection is required to open FP Essentials content in the app. Please verify that your mobile device is connected to the internet. If your device is connected to the internet and you continue to experience difficulties accessing the material, please call the AAFP Member Resource Center at (800) 274-2237, or email us at aafp@aafp.org.

    I recently purchased a subscription or a single edition. When will I be able to view this content in the app?

    Single editions are not accessible through the app.

    Access to content for new FP Essential subscribers begins with the publication of the next edition, published on or near the 15th of each month. If you made a purchase prior to the 15th of the month, but still cannot access content via the app after the 15th, please call the AAFP Member Resource Center at (800) 274-2237 or email us at aafp@aafp.org.

    Online access to all purchased content is also available via the FP Essentials web pages.

    How do I access the CME quiz from the app?

    When viewing an open edition, access the quiz by selecting the "QUIZ" text link on the right side of the bottom menu bar. Internet access is required to complete and submit the quiz.

    How long is an edition available in the app?

    Each edition will stay in the app until CME credit has expired. CME credit expires two years after the edition is published.

    Can I purchase additional FP Essentials editions or subscribe from the app?

    In-app purchase is not available at this time. Please visit the FP Essentials web page to make a purchase.

    How can I select a specific page in an edition without scrolling through the entire document? 

    Place two fingers on the bottom menu bar along the bottom of the mobile device screen to display and select from all pages in the edition.

    How do I annotate content in the app? 

    To annotate content, access the annotation tool bar by selecting the pencil-paper icon on the right side of the bottom menu bar. A variety of annotation tools are available, including highlight, arrows, add text, and mark up.

    Why can’t I see the annotations I made to an FP Essentials edition?

    Annotations are saved to the mobile device on which the annotations were made. If content is opened via the app on another device, annotations will not appear. If you have difficulty viewing annotations you made on the original device, please call the AAFP Member Resource Center at (800) 274-2237, or email us at aafp@aafp.org.

    How do I print or email content from the app?

    To print or email content, select the box with arrow-up icon on the right of the bottom menu bar. In order to email an edition, an email account must be affiliated with your mobile device in the device settings.