• Headache

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    #473: Headache
    October 2018

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    In This Edition

    • Diagnose patients with migraine and migraine with aura.
    • Recommend abortive treatment and prophylaxis for migraine, including trigger avoidance, pharmacotherapy, and integrative medicine therapies.
    • Identify risk factors for tension-type headache and medication overuse headache.
    • Recommend abortive treatment and prophylaxis for tension-type headache, including integrative medicine therapies.
    • Evaluate patients with severe acute headaches in the ambulatory setting.
    • Describe the conditions that cause headache emergencies.
    • Identify risk factors for posttraumatic headache (PTHA) and diagnose patients with PTHA.
    • Diagnose patients with acute, subacute, and persistent PTHA and approve return of athletes to play when appropriate.

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