FP Essentials™ FAQ


How much CME credit can I earn by using FP Essentials™?

The monthly editions of FP Essentials have been reviewed and are accepted for an average of 5 Prescribed credits by the American Academy of Family Physicians. See the CME Credit Statement on FP Essentials.

How long do I have to complete FP Essentials for credit?

You have 2 years from the date of publication to complete each quiz online. 

PLEASE NOTE: You will receive CME credit for the year in which each quiz is completed online.

How does the CME credit get recorded?

The American Academy of Family Physicians keeps a database of all FP Essentials subscriber credits. FP Essentials quizzes can be completed online. AAFP members will have their credits automatically posted to their Academy CME transcript.

What topics are covered?

FP Essentials operates on a 9-year curriculum divided into three 3-year curriculum cycles. The overall distribution of topics is matched to that on the American Board of Family Medicine Certification exams.

Once a curriculum cycle is completed, a topic maybe repeated in the next cycle, but clinical information is new each time a topic is published. 

Can FP Essentials help me with board review?

FP Essentials can be used as a board prep tool. The topics are matched to those on the American Board of Family Medicine Certification exams. Find additional AAFP Family Medicine Certification CME.

How many CME credits do I need?

Review AAFP Active Membership details regarding annual CME requirements.