29.50 Prescribed

High Risk Emergency Medicine Hawaii

by University of California, San Francisco

Sun 03/28/21 - Fri 04/02/21

Wailea, HI

for up to 29.50 Prescribed credits

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Wailea, HI

High Risk Emergency Medicine Hawaii is a course designed to address those topics that, due to the risk of misdiagnosis or misadventure, produce the greatest anxiety and concern in the daily practice of emergency medicine. Offered by the Department of Emergency Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco, nationally renowned for emergency medical and trauma care, this conference will meet the needs of the practitioner who encounters a high risk condition in their medical practice.

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Name: UCSF Office for CME
Phone: 415-476-4251
Email: info@ocme.ucsf.edu
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Session Name Date Credits
High Risk Emergency Medicine Hawaii Sun 03/28/21 - Fri 04/02/21 29.50 Prescribed credits