15.00 Total

Saratoga CME Institute Aesthetic Workshop

by Saratoga CME Institute

Tue 04/21/20 - Wed 04/21/21

Available in multiple locations

for up to 15.00 total credits

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Available in multiple locations

The finest educational aesthetic program available in the USA for over two decades. The primary goal is to provide a forum that will allow the attendee a trustworthy source of aesthetic knowledge . Fundamental to this goal, we cultivate and fortify the skill set of physicians seeking to learn and become proficient in aesthetic medicine. We are dedicated to serving the needs of the primary care physician in order to enrich the physician's life, both professionally and personally.

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Name: Tom Pallone
Phone: 844.234.2770
Email: tompallone@comcast.net
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List of Sessions

Session Name Date Location Credits
Saratoga CME Institute Aesthetic Workshop Sat 03/20/21 - Sun 03/21/21
Nashville, TN 37203
15.00 Prescribed credits
Saratoga CME Institute Aesthetic Workshop Sat 04/17/21 - Sun 04/18/21
Las Vegas, NV 89109
15.00 Prescribed credits