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Primary Care Women's Health: Essentials and Beyond

by Cleveland Clinic Education Institute

Sat 09/18/21

Cleveland, OH

for up to 7.00 Prescribed credits

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Cleveland, OH

Primary care providers are challenged to stay abreast of a large volume of emerging research, to accurately assess its evidence-based, and to correctly analyze its application to the clinical care of women. In addition, they need to be knowledgeable of new research, therapies, and technologies that are changing the direction of care for this patient populations. Addressing these gaps in both knowledge and practice will translate to improved care of women and increased patient satisfaction

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Name: Viveca Kimble
Phone: 216-448-8716
Email: kimblev@ccf.org
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Primary Care Women's Health: Essentials and Beyond Sat 09/18/21 7.00 Prescribed credits