6.25 Total

Global Health Primer

by University of Colorado Denver Center for Global Health

Wed 04/29/20 - Fri 02/26/21

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for up to 6.25 total credits

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Available in multiple locations

Prepare for your next international medical experience and positively impact the global community. Get equipped with knowledge, skills, tools and resources in order to be an effective and responsible volunteer on the ground. The Global Health Primer course covers foundational topics through interactive lectures, group discussions and small group sessions. The Global Health Accelerator introduces participants to engagement approaches beyond providing direct clinical care.

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Name: Julia Dixon
Phone: 303-931-3359
Email: julia.dixon@cuanschutz.edu
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List of Sessions

Session Name Date Location Credits
Global Health Primer February 2021 Wed 04/29/20 - Fri 02/26/21
6.25 Prescribed credits
Global Health Primer February 2021 Thu 02/25/21 - Fri 02/26/21
6.25 Prescribed credits