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Thu 04/23/20 - Fri 04/23/21

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Available in multiple locations

FEMM, a organization dedicated to improving Women's Health, is holding a 1 hour live webinar on the topic: Ovulation a sign of health: understanding the female cycle as a critical health marker. Presented by : Dr. Pilar Vigil, ObGyn PhD (reproductive physiology) and Medical Director, RHRI (Reproductive Health Research Institute)

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Name: Anna Halpine
Email: anna@femmhealth.org
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List of Sessions

Session Name Date Location Credits
FEMM Case Study Review Tue 09/29/20 - Wed 09/29/21
1.00 Prescribed credits
FEMM Case Study Review Mon 11/23/20 - Tue 11/23/21
1.00 Prescribed credits