35.50 Prescribed

Global Health and Tropical Medicine Overview

by Christian Health Service Corps

Tue 03/02/21 - Sat 05/22/21

Grand Saline, TX

for up to 35.50 Prescribed credits

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Grand Saline, TX

Enhance your healthcare service in a rapidly globalizing world. Offered online for the first time in 2021, this course provides an overview of tropical diseases in a case-based format and highlights the provision of quality care through application of global health guidelines. Sessions on topics ranging from malnutrition to cultural context outline approaches to whole-person care in developing communities.

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Name: Laura Smelter
Phone: 903-962-4000 ext 3
Email: laura@healthservicecorps.org
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List of Sessions

Session Name Date Credits
Global Health and Tropical Medicine Overview Tue 03/02/21 - Sat 05/22/21 35.50 Prescribed credits