2.00 Prescribed

"The Providers" Documentary CME

by University of New Mexico

Credit available Fri 05/01/20 - Fri 04/30/21


for up to 2.00 Prescribed credits

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Watch "The Providers" documentary about practitioners at small-town clinic practicing amidst the rural physician shortage and opioid epidemic. This CME activity models best practice for primary care clinicians practicing in under-served communities and teaches the benefits of offering medication-assisted treatment when working with patients who have opioid use disorder. CME consists of watching the documentary and completing the CME Activity through University of New Mexico's Moodle Platform.

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Name: Valerie Carrejo, MD
Phone: 505-994-5393
Email: vcarrejo@salud.unm.edu
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Session Name Date Credits
"The Providers" Documentary CME Credit available Mon 06/01/20 - Tue 06/01/21 2.00 Prescribed credits