15.00 Total

PDO Thread Lift Training

by PracticalCME, LLC

Credit available Wed 07/01/20 - Wed 06/30/21


for up to 15.00 total credits

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PDO is an absorbable monofilament suture material that can be placed under the skin to trigger volume, support and provide temporary lifting to displaced fat pads caused by aging. Our course teaches the complete theory of PDO lifting, compares it to dermal fillers and supplies the knowledge required to choose the ideal patients and perform the treatments. This course should be taken with a live, small-group hands-on session to complete the training.

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Name: Gregory Zengo, MD
Phone: 8772631234
Email: md@practicalcme.com
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Session Name Date Credits
PDO Thread Lift Training Online Credit available Wed 07/01/20 - Thu 07/01/21 9.00 Prescribed credits