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Medical Review Officer Comprehensive Online Course

by MRO Prep

Wed 08/05/20 - Thu 08/05/21

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This online training course reviews the US Department of Transportation's guidelines for a physician seeking to fulfill Medical Review Officer (MRO) duties within their medical practice and is intended to meet educational eligibility requirements for the Medical Review Officer Certification Council (MROCC)'s MRO certification examination. The course features video-based learning content, self-knowledge assessment using an exam-like interface, and optional live sessions for individual guidance.

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Session Name Date Credits
Medical Review Officer Online Question Bank Credit available Wed 08/05/20 - Thu 08/05/21 5.00 Elective credits
Live (Zoom) Sessions (Optional) Thu 08/06/20 - Thu 08/05/21 1.00 Elective credits
Main Course Portion Credit available Wed 08/05/20 - Thu 08/05/21 12.00 Elective credits