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What's New in Family Medicine - Online

by Mayo Clinic

Credit available Sun 08/02/20 - Sun 08/01/21


for up to 9.00 Prescribed credits

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What's New in Family Medicine is an online CME course that provides learners with current and relevant updates on management of patient health concerns encountered in daily practice, with a special focus on changes in medical practice in the COVID-19 pandemic and adapting to telemedicine. Highlights include updates on obesity management, BPH, diabetes pharmacotherapy, contraception, migraines, heart failure and common orthopedic complaints including the prevention of ACL injuries

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Name: Cindy Hafferty
Phone: 218 310-6004
Email: hafferty.marilyn@mayo.edu
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Session Name Date Credits
What's New in Family Medicine - Online Credit available Sun 08/02/20 - Mon 08/02/21 9.00 Prescribed credits