19.25 Prescribed

Balint Leadership Training Intensive

by American Balint Society

Thu 11/12/20 - Fri 11/12/21

Babson Park, MA

for up to 19.25 Prescribed credits

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Babson Park, MA

Balint groups are discussion groups that focus on challenging doctor-patient relationships with the intent of improving empathy. This training is designed for medical educators and practicing clinicians who teach and seek development of the clinician-patient relationship - particularly those leading or hoping to lead Balint Groups.

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Name: Janet M. Walker, MD
Phone: 509-994-7175
Email: janetwalker3@icloud.com
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List of Sessions

Session Name Date Credits
Balint Leadership Training Intensive Thu 11/12/20 - Thu 11/11/21 19.25 Prescribed credits