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Mn 2020 Symposium

by National Kidney Foundation

Mon 01/04/21 - Fri 12/24/21


for up to 12.00 Prescribed credits

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This series will update providers and other health professionals on best practices and recommendations for caring for patients with chronic kidney disease in the primary care setting. Furthermore, this series will address the health disparities present in patients with chronic kidney disease. Black or African Americans are 13% of the U.S. population, but represent 32% of those with kidney failure and Hispanics or Latinos are 1.3 times as likely as non-Hispanics/Latinos to develop kidney failure.

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Name: Caitlin Grosshauser
Phone: 651.636.7300 x421
Email: caitlin.grosshauser@kidney.org
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Session Name Date Credits
Mn 2020 Symposium Mon 01/04/21 - Fri 12/24/21 12.00 Prescribed credits