36.00 Elective

Introduction to Culinary Medicine

by University of Montana

Mon 10/26/20 - Tue 10/26/21

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for up to 36.00 Elective credits

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Multiple Formats

Culinary medicine is the multidisciplinary application of evidence-based decision making in the selection of ingredients & techniques used in preparing foodstuffs w/a goal of achieving and maintaining health & wellness through an optimized food experience. Understand the links between food & health, Develop a healthy relationship w/the food we eat, Restore the connections & balance found in an authentic food experience, and Utilize our food connection to improve our overall relationships in life

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Contact Info

Name: Michael S. Fenster
Phone: 352-573-7396
Email: Michael.fenster@umt.edu
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List of Sessions

Session Name Date Credits
Introduction to Culinary Medicine Credit available Mon 10/26/20 - Tue 10/26/21 27.00 Elective credits
Introduction to Culinary Medicine-Forum Mon 10/26/20 - Tue 10/26/21 9.00 Elective credits