4.00 Total

ACESAaware: TI Strategies of "Safety Talk"

by Santa Cruz Trauma Consortium

Thu 04/22/21 - Thu 08/05/21


for up to 4.00 total credits

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The Supplemental Training will enhance Medi-Cal providers to provide quality healthcare that adheres to trauma-informed principles and patient-centered best practices for developing policies that protect the patient and others. The training builds upon the of research that demonstrates ACEs increases physical and emotional safety within provider/patient relationships. Attendees will practice compassionate, present-focused questioning about health and treatment after ACEs disclosure

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Name: Sydney Scanlon
Phone: 3054094484
Email: sydney@trauma-informed-california.org
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List of Sessions

Session Name Date Credits
Trauma-informed Standards, Practices and Strategies for Healthcare Organizations Thu 08/05/21 4.00 Elective credits