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Breastfeeding Friendly Consortium

by University of Virginia

Credit available Fri 10/16/20 - Fri 10/15/21


for up to 20.00 Prescribed credits

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Your Resource for Breastfeeding Training Breastfeeding Friendly Consortium is your resource for implementing the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative®’s 10 Steps for Successful Breastfeeding. Our comprehensive online breastfeeding education program offers certified training and fosters performance improvement through Maintenance of Certification approved activities and practice monitoring tools.

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Name: Kathleen Bunch Meneses
Phone: 4349824043
Email: kathleen@virginia.edu
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List of Sessions

Session Name Date Credits
Breastfeeding Friendly Consortium Credit available Fri 10/16/20 - Fri 10/15/21 20.00 Prescribed credits