2.00 Prescribed

Skills in Intensive Training in Motivational Training

by University of Massachusetts Medical School

Wed 09/02/20 - Tue 08/31/21

Worcester, MA

for up to 2.00 Prescribed credits

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Worcester, MA

Each participant also schedules 2 practice sessions with an Acting Patient and receives feedback and personal coaching to build expertise in the techniques of MI. Learning Objective for Acting Patient Session: To build/improve their delivery to patients and speak w/ acting patient to gain confidence. Learning Objective for Coaching Session: To accept feedback and learn useful ways to improve from their acting patient session

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Name: Amy Green
Phone: 774.441.8171
Email: amy.green@umassmed.edu
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List of Sessions

Session Name Date Credits
Skills in Intensive Training in Motivational Training Wed 09/02/20 - Tue 08/31/21 2.00 Prescribed credits