4.00 Prescribed

Rheumatology in Primary Care

by Colorado AFP

Tue 08/25/20 - Tue 08/24/21


for up to 4.00 Prescribed credits

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This ECHO series creates a virtual space where primary care providers and specialists can collaborate to increase access to care for patients with rheumatologic disease and promote awareness of the impact of rheumatologic disease on the health and wellness of patients in the primary medical home. The series will focus on early disease identification, efficient and effective evaluations, improved transitions of care for patients in need, and broaden the range of pharmacologic and non-pharmacologi

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Name: Erin Watwood
Phone: 3036966655114
Email: erin@coloradoafp.org
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List of Sessions

Session Name Date Credits
8/3/21 Rash Patterns seen in patients with Rheumatologic diseases 2: rashes seen with vasculitis and collagen vascular disease, Joann Zell, MD Tue 08/03/21 1.00 Prescribed credits
8/10/21 A simple approach to Raynaud’s, Melissa Griffith, MD Tue 08/10/21 1.00 Prescribed credits
8/17/21 Osteoarthritis, Larry Moreland, MD Tue 08/17/21 1.00 Prescribed credits
8/24/21 Perioperative considerations in patients with Rheumatologic diseases, Kevin Deane, MD Tue 08/24/21 1.00 Prescribed credits