2.00 Elective

Meeting Micronutrient Needs

by Oregon State University Professional and Continuing Education

Credit available Wed 02/17/21 - Thu 02/17/22


for up to 2.00 Elective credits

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This self-paced online course covers the prevalence of micronutrient inadequacies in the US population, highlights at-risk subgroups and highlights options for providers to identify and address this issue. Despite years of research and messaging, overall adherence to recommended dietary guidelines is low for most Americans. Many US residents have inadequate intakes of vitamins and nutritionally essential minerals, which may place them at increased risk for chronic disease.

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Name: Victoria Drake
Phone: 541 737 9377
Email: Victoria.Drake@oregonstate.edu
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Session Name Date Credits
Meeting Micronutrient Needs Credit available Wed 02/17/21 - Thu 02/17/22 2.00 Elective credits