10.25 Prescribed

non-Malignant Hematology Conference

by Mayo Clinic

Fri 10/08/21 - Sat 10/09/21

Rochester, MN

for up to 10.25 Prescribed credits

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Rochester, MN

Using didactic lectures and case studies, the overall objective of this program is to provide an update on interpretation and optimal application of standard and evolving test repertoire to diagnosis non-malignant blood disorders.Combining the clinical and laboratory experience of our Mayo Clinic faculty, we will illustrate the practical application of testing algorithms derived from the Mayo Clinic practices and illustrate how unnecessary, redundant and costly laboratory tests can be eliminated

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Name: Janice Bergquist
Phone: 507-266-0430
Email: bergquist.janice@mayo.edu
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List of Sessions

Session Name Date Credits
non-Malignant Hematology Conference Fri 10/08/21 - Sat 10/09/21 10.25 Prescribed credits