10.00 Prescribed

Shadow Coaching for Medical Student Preceptors

by University of Minnesota Department of Family Medicine and Community Health

Fri 01/01/21 - Fri 12/31/21

Minneapolis, MN

for up to 10.00 Prescribed credits

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Minneapolis, MN

Family Physicians who teach University of Minnesota medical students in their clinic can participate in this faculty development activity. A trained Shadow Coach will observe the physician’s precepting skills of a student while in the presence of a patient and will receive verbal and written feedback in alignment with published Teaching Competencies. Subsequent virtual or on-site visits will occur depending on individual preceptor needs, scheduling and overall programmatic goals over 3-6 months

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Name: Katie MacDonald
Phone: 612-624-0452
Email: mse@umn.edu
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List of Sessions

Session Name Date Credits
Shadow Coaching for Medical Student Preceptors Fri 01/01/21 - Fri 12/31/21 10.00 Prescribed credits