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A Breath of Knowledge: A Lung Cancer Webinar Series for Providers

by Arizona Alliance For Community Health Centers

Tue 03/23/21 - Tue 06/15/21


for up to 2.00 Prescribed credits

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This is a four part series webinar event educating Arizona Healthcare Providers (Special focus on Primary Care) about Lung Cancer Screening. By the end of the four-part series Healthcare Providers will: 1. Understand the burden of Lung Cancer in Arizona 2. Identify who is recommended for screening and how screening works 3. Recognize tools available and process involved in making a lung cancer screening referral 4. Understand Lung Cancer Screening Implementation

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Name: Stacey Mortenson
Phone: 602-258-7507
Email: Stacey.Mortenson@lung.org
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List of Sessions

Session Name Date Credits
Successful LC Screening Referral and Implementation Tue 05/18/21 1.00 Prescribed credits
Stories from the Real World Tue 06/15/21 1.00 Prescribed credits