2.00 Elective

Health Center Conference

by RiverStone Health

Tue 04/13/21 - Tue 03/22/22

Billings, MT

for up to 2.00 Elective credits

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Billings, MT

Review and increase knowledge of clinical signs and symptoms, differential diagnosis, work-up and evidence based management of conditions and diseases in ambulatory practice. Improve understanding and review current guidelines and recommendations for evidence-based preventative care and chronic disease management. Learn how to provide these services using a systems-based approach and utilizing patient dashboards, and other EMR features Improve understanding of core principles of PCMH.

Contact Info

Name: Jamaica Todd
Phone: 406-247-3220
Email: jamaica.tod@riverstonehealth.org

List of Sessions

Session Name Date Credits
Limb Salvage Tue 04/13/21 - Tue 03/22/22 1.00 Elective credits
PM&R Spine Services and Case Reviews Tue 04/27/21 - Tue 03/22/22 1.00 Elective credits