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BaleDoneen Method Preceptorship Program

by BaleDoneen Method

Credit available Tue 06/01/21 - Wed 06/01/22


for up to 16.00 Prescribed credits

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Heart attacks and ischemic strokes are preventable. This method has been shown to halt, stabilize and regress atherosclerosis. The approach evaluates subclinical disease and recognizes inflammation as the cause of arterial disease. The method is holistic, evaluating a plethora of inflammatory conditions. Optimal management guided by genetics extinguishes inflammation. You will return to your practice with cutting-edge clinical tools to mitigate the risk of atherothrombotic events.

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Name: Kramer Kembel
Phone: 509-981-7171
Email: kkembel@baledoneen.com
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BaleDoneen Method Preceptorship Program Credit available Tue 06/01/21 - Wed 06/01/22 16.00 Prescribed credits