2.00 Prescribed

Enduring Clinical Leadership Series 2021-2022

by Clinical Directors Network Inc

Credit available Tue 04/27/21 - Wed 04/27/22


for up to 2.00 Prescribed credits

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CDN is dedicated to providing and improving comprehensive and accessible community-oriented primary and preventive health care services for poor, minority, and underserved populations. CDN provides education and training opportunities for clinicians and clinical leaders, to assist them with developing and implementing new models and methods of care within Community Based-Health Centers in regard to administration, management, and clinical practice. The CDN Clinical Leadership series exists to ad

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Name: PaMalick Mbye
Phone: 2123820699
Email: Elearning2@CDNetwork.org
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List of Sessions

Session Name Date Credits
Treating Adolescents and Young Adults with Blood Cancer Credit available Thu 05/13/21 - Fri 05/13/22 1.00 Prescribed credits
The Role of Community Health Centers as Public Health Emergency First Responders: One Year into the COVID-19 Pandemic Credit available Tue 04/27/21 - Wed 04/27/22 1.00 Prescribed credits