6.00 Total

Virtual Resiliency for Family Physicians

by TLC-Virtual Resiliency

Mon 05/10/21 - Tue 05/10/22


for up to 6.00 total credits

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TLC-VR offers a 6-week long, educational curriculum, which provides a unique, interactive, social support network and weekly, live workshops delivered over Zoom. Workshop topics have been developed following completion of an in-depth assessment to determine specific needs and interests of family physicians, focused on overall goals of enhancing resilience, coping, grit and perseverance; and reducing stress and burnout.

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Name: Robert Goldman PsyD, JD
Phone: (631) 766-4499
Email: rgoldy@aol.com
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List of Sessions

Session Name Date Credits
Virtual Resiliency for Family Physicians Mon 05/10/21 - Tue 05/25/21 6.00 Prescribed credits
Virtual Resiliency for Family Physicians Mon 06/14/21 - Tue 07/20/21 6.00 Prescribed credits