48.00 Prescribed

Primary Care Internal Medicine

by Harvard Medical School Postgraduate Medical Education

Mon 10/18/21 - Fri 10/22/21

Cambridge, MA

for up to 48.00 Prescribed credits

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Cambridge, MA

This course is designed by and for primary care clinicians with the goal to: • Update and sharpen your knowledge-base for day-to-day practice • Provide practical, clinical value you can readily incorporate into patient care • Empower you to innovate to improve patient outcomes • Build your technical abilities with skills-development workshops • Improve your ability to assess new, diagnostic and treatment options

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Name: Harvard Medical School
Phone: 617-384-8600
Email: ceprograms@hms.harvard.edu
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Session Name Date Credits
Primary Care Internal Medicine Mon 10/18/21 - Fri 10/22/21 48.00 Prescribed credits